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About Us

About our company

Founded in 2018, NBCDeposits is a company registered in the United Kingdom with registration code 11617387. Since then, we have been trading, investing, trading and paying our investors. Our main business is forex, the largest investment market. With the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, NBCDeposits is also increasing its investment in cryptocurrencies in the form of Bitcoin. The company is open 24/7. We have both mature investment experience and methods in the real estate market and stock market, so diversification is our advantage. The real estate market is currently in a callback phase and will present a large number of new investment opportunities. At NBCDeposits, we support cryptocurrency transactions, such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin cash, and also PerfectMoney and Payeer can be invested. We are a fully registered investment platform in the UK, and from 2018 Do business.

Now the mature investment methods and stable profits make us decide to increase the scale and amount of investment. You only need to register-invest-wait-withdraw, four steps can achieve the goal of working from home, join us, life will be better. Our Terms are:

  • Responsive image Transactions are done in cryptocurrency ( Bitcoin,Litecoin,Ethereum,Dogecoin,Dash,Bitcoin cash ) and we also accept Payeer and Perfect Money.
  • Responsive image has a 3 stage affiliate program. The 1st Generation is 2%, 2nd Generation 5% and 3rd Generation 10%.
  • Responsive image NBCDeposits is a UK registered company, registration code 11617387.
  • Responsive image has a minimum investment plan of 680%.
  • Responsive image DDoS Protected User data is protected by DDoS to protect your data security.
  • Responsive image Professional Management A professional management team to support you and your investments.
  • Responsive image Secured Transactions Secured transactions to protect your details and your privacy
  • Responsive image Fast Withdrawal Fast withdrawal system with no delays.
  • Responsive image Guaranteed Profits Ensure profits through professional investment management and risk control.

Our Mission

We at NBCDeposits aim to achieve the highest possible returns for our investors through high-quality personal investment management and exposure to the foreign currency market, cryptocurrencies, real estate and stock market.

Grow our investor base through our affiliate program and aim to be the partner of choice through consistent high-quality investment management.

Our Goals has been in the investment market for over 2 years. We have ten of thousands of satisfied customers from UK. Our goal is to provide the best financial solutions so that our customers can get rich without taking any risk. Our customers have been continually paid out thousands of dollars every day since 2018. We are the only company in the market which has so long financial solvency.  

If you are not our customer yet and you are looking for safe investment of your money, join us right now and start earning in the most reliable programme in the market! 

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